When scheduling a new horse/client that has a known lameness issue, I try and get all information including x-rays, previous farrier notes, and veterinarian assessment. This information may not be available though. A pre-shoeing appointment Is helpful to get eyes on the problem before talking to the veterinarian and deciding a plan direction to fix the lameness. If the previous vet and farrier corrections have not worked and the same issue is still no better, I make a plan on which direction to take in order to solve the issue, including a new vet evaluation. If it is determined the horse has a different problem than described by the previous veterinarian evaluation, I will shoe for the problem(s) now found in the new exam. The previous shoeing may have fixed part of the situation the horse had at that time, but commonly, other issues may exist causing the lameness. There can be multiple issues that get resolved one at a time. If there have been several correction shoeings to the horse, and the horse is still exhibiting lameness, re-evaluating with the shoes and then without the shoes, helps me decide which changes in the shoeing to make, or in some cases leaving the shoes off may be the answer right now.

The client’s take on the progress the shoeing has made is helpful in deciding whether to continue with the prescription that is in place or to modify it. If the prescription does not decrease the lameness or the benefit is insignificant, examine why the previous shoeing did not help. The continued lameness may make it easier to recognize what to modify or change in the direction of the shoeing. But, I need to decide what exactly I want to adjust or if I need to go in a totally different direction. I call the veterinarian again to discuss the ongoing situation. I look at where the horse is now lameness wise, and I make the changes that I think will take the horse in a positive direction. I try to be realistic with what I can accomplish today.












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